How to take a screenshot on a laptop, computer or windows tablet

Of course, screenshots work on PCs, as they have for a long time, but the Windows 10 ecosystem offers a variety of devices and ways to take screenshots. So it’s a good idea to go through how to take a screenshot on Windows 10 devices.

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As usual, Windows computers have a Print Screen (PrtScn, PrtSc, PrintScr, etc) button that, when pressed, saves the screenshot to the clipboard. In addition to this, however, it also works e.g. to save the screenshot directly and succeed in capturing the screenshots without it. Let’s go through a few different ways:

The options for how to take a screenshot are:

1)Pressing the Print Screen key (on some computers you may also need to press the function key [fn]) saves the screenshot to your clipboard. You can then paste the image into Paint, for example. The screenshot can then be edited, saved as is, or not saved.

2) Press the Windows key and the Print Screen key simultaneously in Windows saves a screen capture directly to the My Pictures folder (Pictures) within the Screenshots folder (Screenshots)

3) To capture a single window, first, select the window by pressing its title field, and then press the Alt and Print Screen keys simultaneously. The computer saves the capture to the clipboard, from where it can be pasted into Paint, for example.

4) If you have a Windows tablet that does not have a keyboard, or you want to take a screenshot without using the keyboard, press the Windows key and the volume down key at the same time. Like a regular PC, the device saves the screenshot in the Screenshots folder inside the Images folder.

5)For more diverse screenshots, you will find the Snipping tool application on your computer, which you can find by pressing the Windows key and typing its name. It allows you to make different shapes, timed shots, and a variety of settings and editing tools.

6) While playing, screenshots can also be taken using the Xbox app included with Windows 10 . Its Game Bar feature opens by default with the Win + G key combination. From there, you can take a screenshot by pressing the camera icon (or directly the Windown key + Alt key + PrtSc key) . These screenshots contain only a game or other window and are saved by default in the user’s own Screenshots folder in the Videos folder.(Captures) .

Windows devices are also possible to install third-party applications, providing even richer functionality, if these basic functions are not enough.